How do you motivate your team remotely?

October 14, 2021
While trusting your employees is essential while working remotely, you must also know how to motivate them. Remote management is a new challenge and there are some keys you will need to understand to create a dynamic and engaged team.

It is proven that virtual and internal dynamics are very important for the success of a company. So how do we get there? 

  1. By setting up virtual team meetings: host conferences with your team with big topics. Successes, challenges and even newsroom meetings about the market could be driven.  
  1. By using digital communication tools: subscribe to a corporate social network like SLACK to easily exchange with one or more employees at a time. Say “hello” in the morning, or “have a nice lunch break” at noon. Remote management is also about small thoughts that would definitely make a difference on the employee engagement.  
  1. By imposing feedback: take the time to do individual video or call meetings with your remote employees, make sure of their well-being, facilities and difficulties through their everyday work life. Remote management is based on a common trust and communication! 

By organising virtual team-buildings: COVID-19 created new online activities to share with your team while working from home. Online afterworks, happy hours, cooking classes and other workshops can be imagined. In addition, platforms offering virtual team-building have exploded, just look for a few minutes online to find the good match for your team. 

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