How to optimise productivity while working from home?

August 24, 2021
Working from home is becoming the norm. Say goodbye to your daily office commute, and hello to Zoom calls from the comfort of your house. A change in scenery that comes with undeniable benefits… and new habits to adopt to make it work. From setting up in a naturally lit area to adopting a well-organised routine, here are 4 tips to optimise productivity by getting your basics right.

1-Get ready for your day…

… Just as if you were heading to the office. This means setting your alarm clock early, getting dressed first thing in the morning, and having that cup of coffee you used to grab from the nearby café 5 minutes before your first meeting, directly on the kitchen counter.

2-Set a proper office space

Two things enhance wellness and help focus throughout the day while working from home: quality technology with great internet connection, and natural light. Try and set up your desk in a quiet, sun-bathed area that can easily be ventilated for good air quality.

3-Commit to a well-organised routine

First, design a to-do list with achievable, short-term goals. Second, assign the more critical tasks to your most productive hours through an organised timetable. Check them off the list as you’re making progress, to keep your concentration on point and make the most out of working hours.

Also, don’t forget interactions with colleagues, breaks – go for a walk at lunch, exercise, take 10 for tea and a snack. And remember to stick to it.

4-Maintain a healthy work-life balance

One of the most challenging aspects of work from home: knowing how to set and respect boundaries between your job and your personal life. Especially when, after a straight 8-hour shift, come family obligations. That’s how a well-organised routine is useful, as well as taking time off social media and signing out for good at the end of the day.

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