How to engage remote employees?

October 22, 2021
Working remotely is becoming more and more common, that’s a fact. Therefore good practices must be established between managers and employees for employees to remain engaged while working from home.

Thanks to the digitalisation of office tools, many companies have already been working from home for a few years but, some others were still reluctant to do so. But COVID-19 gave most of us no choice, forcing companies to adapt to full-time remote work for a while. Managers who implemented good management practices have had success and have kept their teams strong. Trust and strong communication have been the key to successful remote working.

Who would have thought that the level of employee engagement could have improved while working from home? And more and more managers now agree with this! The digitalisation of office tools has made remote working possible in more industries.  Managers have a big role to play to keep their teams engaged and it requires a strong trust, regular communication and maintaining  good working relationships with team members. The implementation of meeting tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams have made this much easier and the importance of keeping a detailed, online calendar by each person also helps a lot. Team engagement is the engine to a company’s success, so we have to stay connected!

However, it is not enough to just leave your team with all these new tools. Instead, try training them in new processes to use these tools. Slack, Blue Jeans, Trello… all these remote task platforms are not always easy to understand! Training and feedback in their use should be continuous and you can even rely on your IT department for help.

While digital platforms are easy for some of us, they’re not always easy for everyone. Patience and understanding will help managers to succeed with remote working colleagues, and should help to keep engagement of employees high.

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