How to build team momentum virtually?

October 22, 2021
Designed to gather a team around a fun activity, team building has become a common practice. Although this corporate practice to forge links between employees and managers is relatively recent, it has also been digitised in the last two years. Most recently, virtual team building activities are organised for remote employees.

Team building is a method that appeared in the early 1980s in America. Its objective? Strengthen social ties between people of the same company or institution and create corporate bonding. In short, team building activities allow you to share a friendly moment with your colleagues or managers and give you the chance to get to know each other better. When working remotely, the tradition of team building is even more important because it not only helps a better collaboration between employees, it can also contribute to a closer relationship despite working remotely. Therefore it’s important to host virtual versions of traditional team building activities with your co-workers. Organising these digital events is essential for improving commitment of employees and the general atmosphere in a company. This is what makes a hybrid team stronger!

Here are some virtual team building ideas:   

  • An online cooking class where every employee cooks the same dish while on camera 
  • An interactive quiz with different prizes to win (gift cards, chocolates, etc.) 
  • An “afterwork” with a gourmet basket delivered to each employee 
  • An online treasure hunt 
  • An online musical blind test 
  • An online yoga class 

There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to organising virtual team building sessions. To keep your team focused and creative, you should consider hosting some kind of team building activity once a month while working remotely. 

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