Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

August 30, 2021
One of the common obstacles that many people have had to confront in recent times is having to make the switch to working from home. From employer to employee, this has meant dropping everything we knew to be “normal” as we adapt our lifestyles to find a new work life balance that works for us in today's environment. While we all experience these changes differently, we have all come to notice the many pros and cons to this major adjustment.

What are the pros of flexible working?

  1. No more commuting: this is good for your wallet, your mental health, and the environment – triple win. Save money on petrol, have more time to yourself, and reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Work life balance: use this extra time in your day to fit in a workout, read a good book, or hang out with your family.
  3. Flexible schedule: in between meetings and calls, you might even get to fold your clothes, get the dishes done, or plan your groceries!
  4. Save money: overpriced restaurants, childcare, commuting – going into the office gets expensive! You will save loads by making your own meals from home, no longer needing a nanny, and eliminating transportation costs!
  5. Custom environment: whether for your music or the AC, turn it up as much as you want! This is your world now.

What are the cons if you work from home?

  1. Many distractions: whether you have a crying baby, your dog, or that new Netflix show you have been dying to binge-watch – at home there are distractions galore.
  2. Poor mental health: with isolation and limited social interaction, it is important to take many mental health check-ins to avoid depression, anxiety, and more.
  3. Technical troubles: between slow Wi-Fi, a jammed printer, or your laptop’s microphone during your virtual-meeting – there are often technological obstacles to overcome.
  4. Lack of teamwork: while working from home, it can be a challenge to communicate with your co-workers as easily as before.
  5. Difficulty separating work life and home life: it can be hard to switch off from work mode.
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