Work from home: how to improve the comfort of your home office?

October 18, 2021
It’s been proven : remote work increases productivity by 65%*. Reasons include a reduction in commuter stress, less noise, less distractions, and better comfort at home than in the office. To improve this last point even further, here’s some advice on how to set up your remote workspace, and what type of office equipment to pick.

Work on your posture 

The way you sit and stand at your home office desk can either induce or prevent back pain and neck strain. It is therefore crucial to adopt good posture when typing emails or answering calls.

To do so, follow a couple of ergonomic rules. Make sure your back and neck are straight, your arms are parallel to the table, and you are not slouching. Finally, remember to set your monitor, keyboard, and chair at the perfect height, depending on how tall you are.  

Invest in a great office chair 

As you will surely spend most of your days sitting in your computer chair, choosing a very comfortable and high quality one is a must. Keep the following criteria in mind when looking for the perfect fit: adjustability of seat height, width and depth, lumbar support, quality of backrest and armrest, warranties, and durability of materials.

Choose comfort-enhancing accessories 

Once you’ve corrected your position and changed your old stool for an ergonomic seat, why not start looking at accessories to upgrade your working nook? Footrest, wrist rest, a second monitor, a mouse that fits your hand perfectly, a mechanical keyboard… Sky’s the limit.

Let nature in 

Last but not least: place plants on your desk and in the room. Not only will they make it more pleasant to be in and to look at, but they are also said to increase productivity and happiness, whilst reducing stress**. The only requirement is that you choose low-maintenance varieties that won’t dry out.

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