Set up an office in your living room

October 18, 2021
As surprising as it sounds, not having a dedicated room at home for your office can become an advantage. Setting up a desk in the living room allows you to benefit from the comfort and, often bigger surface, of the common area, whilst enjoying your own private space. All you need to do is to create a clever and efficient (yet discreet) separation between your desk and the rest of the room.

Here are several tips and office layout ideas that will surely catch your eye.

Play with the space

There are plenty of tricks to tuck away your workspace and make it blend into the lounge area that usually defines a living room – without having to start renovation work. It all comes down to examining the surface thoroughly and knowing how to optimise its lost space.

A few options to think about: install a desk in a corner, set it up behind the sofa or under the stairs, fit it in a cupboard, draw a separation line with bookshelves or paint a nook in another colour to separate it from the rest of the room…

Turn away from distractions

Staying focused when the TV is on can be difficult. To avoid your mind slipping away, have your desk face a window or a wall.

Ensure you get enough natural light and frequent ventilation. By working close to a window or roof window, it not only will improve your well-being during the day but also your sleep quality at night. Studies show that employees working in a space bathed in natural light get 46 minutes extra sleep every night.*

Keep a consistent style

Remember that creating a space for an office in your living room means you will see it every day, even when not at work. You don’t want to have sight of a messy area that clashes with the style you have carefully applied to your house already.

Instead of investing in bland, open space-type furniture, find items that match the room without compromising on comfort, and think of what colours could add a nice touch to it.

Choose appropriate equipment

For instance, you might need to work on a desk that is wide enough, and have a chair that gives high quality backrest. Why not look for a retractable desk to put away at the end of the day, and a cosy, small armchair instead of a classic computer chair?

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