Benefits of natural light in the workplace

October 22, 2021
Good lighting is an essential part of creating a high-quality working environment, be it at home or in an office. Having a good quality light source while we work is not only important for keeping our eyes healthy and maintaining focus but is also crucial for our mental health.

Having access to daylight whilst working can make us feel more awake, put is in a better mood and improve our health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that natural light both relaxes us and improves our concentration, whilst helping our biological clocks to maintain a circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm has been found to have profound effects on our mental health and sleep patterns. It should therefore be a priority that employees have access to a good source of daylight in order to increase happiness, and in turn, productivity.

If you are setting up a workspace at home, it is therefore crucial to think about light sources. Electric lighting should be carefully considered as the warmth, colour and tone will affect how you feel. You should consider the placement of windows in the room in relation to your workspace. Installing a roof window is a great option as this lets more natural light in than a standard window and can make your workspace feel more spacious. The more daylight we have, the better we feel!

Making the most of natural light is not only beneficial to our mental and physical health but helps us to reduce energy consumption. Investing in a roof window is an environmentally friendly way to improve our workspace, boost our health, increase our concentration and productivity and cut down on those energy bills. Let’s get set up!

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