5 activities to stay active while working from home

October 18, 2021
While working from home provides flexibility, it also implies a couple of down sides. One of them is the lack of movement. Think about it: when working remotely, you’ll be less likely to meet colleagues for a coffee break on another floor, go outside to fetch your lunch, or cycle back to your home. Although it’s safe to say you won’t stay still at your desk for 8 hours straight, you won’t be doing as much exercise as when in the office. Here are 5 activities to make up for it.

1-End and start your day with anti-stress activities

Yoga only requires a mat and a quiet atmosphere. Set up for a session when waking up in the morning or just after turning your laptop off. A rather simple way to release the stress of the day or to welcome a new one serenely.

Looking for something more dynamic? Workouts at home is also a good option – and there exists plenty of good exercise videos online to get you started! Also, make sure you keep the same routine as if you were going to the office: get up at a fixed time and get dressed and ready as if you were leaving to go to the office.

2-Go for walks during conference calls

Instead of sitting behind your computer for an hour, stand up and stroll around as soon as the conference call starts. Walking is as good for your body as it is for your brain: it improves blood flow and helps your mind process information.

3-Go out for lunch

During your lunch break, venture outside and look for a place to get a healthy meal. Take time to clear your mind on your way there and back. And why not catch up with a colleague or friend living in your area? Face-to-face meetings are essential to mental health, as well as productivity and motivation.

4-Invest in exercise equipment

Halters, resistance bands, push-up bars… A few items of exercise equipment can make a big difference. Make sure to keep them near your at-home workplace so you can use them as soon as you take a break or – killing two birds with one stone – attend a conference call.

5-Plan breaks

Don’t forget to stick to a strict break schedule. Once again, those short periods of time are a way to clear your mind and an occasion to stand off your office chair, allowing you to stretch and avoid back pain.

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