What are the challenges of working from home?

October 19, 2021
In this new age of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, a large portion of the world's population works from home. While this can come with many perks, it also presents its own set of challenges. Although telecommuting can be hard to navigate, it is important to recognise the obstacles to then be able to overcome them – and we have all the right tips and tricks to do so. 

What are the most common challenges of telecommuting? 

  1. Time management: With the lack of structure and routine, remote workers often find it difficult to manage their time in an effective way. Plus, it can be tempting to spend time sleeping in or taking a television break!
  2. Social isolation: This is one of the most difficult challenges of working from home. The loneliness that comes from working remotely can lead to depression and lack of motivation.
  3. Dress code: It is hard to stay professional when we just want to stay comfy in our pyjamas all day. A hairbrush, what’s that?
  4. Distractions: Between our TV, kids, pets, and laundry – working from home is full of distractions. Remote workers often end up procrastinating and it can be hard to find the motivation to work.

What can I do to help overcome these challenges and maintain a healthy work-life balance? 

  1. Time management: To avoid blurring the lines between your personal and professional life, make sure that you set a structured schedule each day, and stick to it! This is crucial to keeping a healthy work-life balance.
  2. Social isolation: As social beings, humans need connection – and email just doesn’t cut it. As often as possible, opt for video calls. This face-to-face interaction has been proven to make telecommuters feel less lonely.
  3. Dress code: Look the part, act the part! It has been proven that dressing professionally for your job can up your performance. Save your pyjamas for off-hours only.
  4. Distractions: To avoid distractions, create a distinct “workspace” that is separate from your living space. Also, think about downloading a Distraction-Blocker app on your devices.
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