How to update your work-from-home routine?

October 15, 2021
Have you become stuck in a rut with your work-from-home routine? At first it feels novel and freeing to be able to jump out of bed before your first meeting and have a shower during your lunch break. Or maybe you are the type to try to power through the day without breaks so you can clock off as early as possible. Why not try adding a bit more structure and organisation to your remote work days? It can do a world of good for both your productivity and mental health.

How can you improve your morning routine? 

With early wake-up times during the week, you might think catching up on missed sleep at the weekend is the healthiest thing to do. What this actually does is mess up your sleep schedule, which makes it much harder to get up and going Monday to Friday. Getting up at the same time every day is the best way to kick start your morning routine. Once you’re up, it sounds obvious to say that you should make your workspace a pleasant place to be, but it’s an area that often gets neglected. Natural light is really helpful for motivation levels, so putting your desk in a well-lit room is best. If you have one, sitting under a VELUX roof window would be even better, and you can crack it open for fresh air on warm days. And don’t forget to ventilate 3 times per day, during 10min. 

How can you upgrade your afternoon routine? 

We all know the feeling of that post-lunch slump. Help your future self by tackling the hardest jobs on your task list in the morning, and save simpler tasks for the afternoon when you tend to lose focus more easily. Another good way to combat lulls in motivation is to take mini breaks. Fight the urge to procrastinate when tiredness hits by incorporating 5-10 minutes breaks into your work-from-home routine. Believe it or not, allowing yourself to take regular breathers from working through your to-do list means you’re less likely to get distracted and therefore work more efficiently.

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